Dim Studio

About Us

Dim studio

Dim studio was founded by the Architect Armin Mostafavi, the CG artist Faraz Fadaian and the interior designer Setareh Houshmand.

We are a firm committed to deliver high quality 3D visualization images and animations, destined to architects, designers, real-estate investors, furniture industry, publicity or individuals. Our years of experience in the project and construction field gave us full understanding of the contemporary relationship between Architecture, Design and the 3D digital production. With our computer knowledge, we illuminate ideas and inspire people to look positively into the future, making their projects look more authentic by delivering powerful images.


Faraz Fadaian

Faraz Fadaian is a visual artist with an architecture, design and fine art background.


armin mostafavi

Armin Mostafavi is an Architect, Designer, Animator and CG artist graduated from Politecnico di Milano and State of Art Academy.


Setare Houshmand

Setare Houshmand is an Architect, Interior & Spatial designer graduated from Shahid Beheshti University and Politecnico di Milano.